Opening of the exhibition in the Gesamstschule Ost

On 5 July finally the exhibition has been opened by Michael Kuck, a headmaster of our school and Nadine Choudder, a student of the class 9.4.

A quick overview of all fotos of the exhibition you can find here.

Please scroll here for some photografic impressions ...

Mr. Kuck and Mr. Petersen have look on our presentation folder, which Nancy is offering.


Nadine is telling something about our working on the project. She has been a bit nervous she told - but she did it very well.



They are looking proud, don´t you see? It was a happy feeling in that hour of presenting the results, having finished all that lot of working...


Multi-Media!! The Dutch friends from Middelburg presented her work on a interesting and high standard worked out video.



There was chatting atmosphere, lots of guests were interested and surprised of the hole interculturel exhibition.


Oh that makes fun! We presented the Town Hall of Bremen as a puzzle. Ina is fit in that !!!


and even Nadine and Punar !!!


These are the original drawings, which we scanned into the computer. nessessary to do the layout for printing the frames.


In the background the frames of the friends from Florence...


Nadine and Punar liked to make a personal presenting ...


Here are the results of our school, which are published in this homepage.


What a funny little frame to represent our successful teamwork.


This seems to be a picture of the finishing ...


.. yes, for all of us it was a interesting hour finishing our work in an exhibition accompanied by our teachers, headmasters and the class 9.4