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 The visit in Ramallah - Wilfried Mammes gives a little present - typical present from Bremen - a "Buddelschiff" to the chairman, Mr. Jassir Arafat. This is a funny little bottle with a small sailing ship built up inside. Mr. Arafat loves and collects these fine made presents.


The whole delegation of Hemelingen had an invitation to the leader of the Palestinians, Mr. Jassir Arafat. We thank him very much and also for the friendly stay in Ramallah. Unforgetable moments for us to see this great polititian and people´s leader. We all hope for him that he will have good ideas for the coming political consultations in all nessessary talks and a strong hand to go on in making peace for all the people in the Middle East. Some Informations about Palestine, here is the link

Mrs. Christa Komar member of the Bremen Green Party and Mr. Arafat.

In the background Mr. Moussa Abu Rumi, the Major of Tamra


Mr. Hermann Komar, one of the delegates, wellcomed by Mr. Arafat

Another meeting in Ramallah: Discussing problems with the Palestinian leaders of the Police, informing us about complicated and controversy things.