A Host Familiy____________________________________________________________Bremen-Hemelingen:::::::Tamra


Here we present a very kind host familiy to which we became close friends during these 14 days... and we stay in contact per e-mail, fax and fone until now !!

We present Ousama Abo and his wife Fatina, the three pretty girls Mona, Monira and Dina !


Ousama and Fatina on a bus tour with the whole group


Fatina in her house with the guests Christa and Hermann Komar


Little Dina! You must have heard her singing, beautiful !!



Fatina and Fatma and a friend helping her to prepare a garden party...an unforgettable party was it, really !


And here are the guests of Ousama and Fatina: Christa and Hermann, muddy but healthy (by the dead sea??)