The Visit in Jerusalem

The wonderful Felsendom (Dom of the Rock) - it should be a sign for peace and understanding between all three religions ( Christians, Islam and the Yewish) which were founded in the Middle-East area and have a central melting point here in the Holy Town of Jerusalem.

We visited the Holy Mount of the Temple.

Not many tourists that day ...

Some of our group couldn´t get away from spending money in all those wonderful exotic spices we could smell, look at and buy in the basars of the arabian quarter in Jerusalem.

Isn´t it a friedly person we met in the basar. We all wanted the time should come, everybody in this wonderful state and area has got peace and understanding, living their lives in harmony and good prosperity.

This is a sculpture standing in the Yad Vashem Memorial. We all felt that moving feelings when we visited the Holocaust Memorial thinking over that time, the Jewish people in Europe had that terrible sorrow during the Hitler time in Germany. It is a responsibility for every German to be aware of anti-human and terrorist developments in societies in Europe or anywere in the world.

Landscape in the surroundings of Jerusalem.

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